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03 September 2008 @ 04:53 pm
Mike Lewis - Robot Artist  

Isn't he cute? I am Thor! Tiny HRobot of RLightninginging! Zzzzrt!

This is the last of the robot pieces by Mike Lewis that are still at the Marni Muir Gallery. He has since moved to NYC and, while I haven't tried that hard yet, I haven't had any luck hunting him down. When he did his show, little robots came to life before my eyes, on their little uni-wheels, zooming cartoon-like against smokey beautiful painted industrial steam punk backgrounds.

Marni almost always picks artists that, as I'm looking through their work, have at least one piece that instantly inspires me to start telling stories in my head. I believe Falcone (bitterfun) was with me when I saw Mike Lewis' work, but I'm not positive.

I'll see Marni at the Art Walk tomorrow night while Miss Ilsa (aggrobat) and I stroll about and get caught up, and am hoping that, if it's in my price range, I can add it to my teensy-but-growing collection of robot art.

From Miss Marni:
Hi Kim,
I will be at the gallery tonite and will get back to you with the price. I know it is not that expensive. I will hold the piece for you.
See you tomorrow!
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