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13 May 2010 @ 08:49 pm
A really good night  
After I got home from work and chatted with Miss Emily who is in Thailand for a few minutes, I went for an epic Capitol Hill wander. I spoke with several cats, and 3 off-the-leash standard poodles, all separate owners, all galavanting and galloping towards me with poodle-like glee.

I eventually spied a swing set at Miller Community Center so I picked my way down. Three sets of 2 swings each. A light-skinned Muslim girl was swinging on the far right so I took one of the swings in the left when I didn't see any relevant parents nearby so they wouldn't worry from a distance. She came and swung next to me quietly, or rather sat on the swing and swayed a bit, smiling quietly at me. Eventually, 2 little dark-skinned black girls about 4 and 6, who I think were the daughter and niece of the community center janitor who was wearing safety orange and kept walking out of the basement to confirm their location, came racing up and got in the yellow chair swing to my right, taking turns and demanding pushes in a fun, jovial way. The older was happy to push the younger, but the younger wanted me to do it.

Both figured out how to twist the yellow chair as it swung so it came wildly careening into my space. I managed to avoid the younger, laughing. The older though was far more fearless and I jumped off my swing at one point and made the dad laugh very hard and shout that he couldn't blame me. ;>

When they went racing off again, my original swinging companion asked politely if I could push her too. I asked if she knew how to swing higher and she said No, so I pushed her once, not too high, and then got back on my swing and showed her how to use her arms and legs to go higher. After awhile of practicing, she asked me if I was a grown up. I laughed and said, Yes, then asked if the other 2 girls were her friends because they were all talking to each other when they were swinging with us, but the janitor didn't call her in with them. She said no, she didn't have any friends, then thought a minute and said she had some friends at school. I told her swinging was my favourite thing when I was a kid, and she said the monkey bars were her favourite, and her school had two sets.

I never caught a glimpse of any guardians, and decided not to ask her since she clearly wasn't stressed out about it. I don't think she could be much older than 6. Maybe I'll see her again. I really enjoyed swinging with her. It's been awhile since I've seen the good side of little girls. The slightly older ones that ride the public buses here tend to be pretty mean.

All the while, 2 cute white guys around my age were playing some totally Calvin Ballish combination of frisbee and football, the rules of which, as best as I could tell were, fling both and see if the other can catch both. They started flinging them closer and closer to the swing set until, at last, both landed at my feet, and I laughed, quipping, "Critical miss!"

I said "Good night" to my swinging companion and headed for home.

I walked passed an old folks home on the way, and 3 ancient white men were in the front office BSing with each other. They saw me looking in and waved. I laughed and waved back, and they laughed too. It was really nice to have a temperate blue sky tonight. It's finally been too much cold and rain, even for me.

It was a really good night. :)
hadaverdehadaverde on May 14th, 2010 05:32 am (UTC)
I love this post. It makes me smile. :D