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15 May 2010 @ 09:50 pm
I had a wonderful day hanging out with V and his joint-custody dog. We roamed Volunteer Park, had a great lunch on the sidewalk at Volunteer Park Cafe, and wandered down Madison Valley to Lake Washington. He's a great storyteller and good listener, and his hand lightly touching the small of my back felt nice, comforting, familiar. He got some bonus points for letting his dog obsess about fish at the pond for a long time, and for playing on the see-saw with me at one of the parks we visited. He also made two ridiculously astute observations about me that startled me into realizing he's paying more attention than I am able to catch him at. I suppose I also like to think I'm less transparent than I am ;>

I had a wonderful evening hanging out with Leslie at Cafe Flora and back at my place. Dinner was fantastic, conversation was way beyond excellent, and I've hopefully addicted her to the Liberte goat's milk yogurt that I'm mad in love with. I'm so glad I have a Leslie in my life. Conversations with her make me miss elise and so many similar conversations of yore. It is always a relief and joy to find other women who are more given to analytics than emotional antics. Girl problem solvers rule.

Emily is still in Thailand and Cyra is still in Missouri and John is still working way too much and it is Spring in Seattle and there is still no Lauren here and I'm wandering around the city rowling like a lost cat. An excellent time to get some good Linear A work done :)

Tomorrow: chess with Mark! I'm so happy that we're hanging out for a second time in a month. This beats the crap out of our previous trend to hang out once every 9-15 months.
naechnaech on May 16th, 2010 06:05 am (UTC)
Rumor has it that Mark is in favor changing that old trend as well.