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27 March 2004 @ 02:24 am
i have something i do everyday in rememberance of sept. 11th. it's been completely private and i've never shared it with anyone (except perhaps indiefic), and i can't really account for the sudden inspiration to share, nonetheless, here you have it...

it's how i sign my name.

starting that day, i sign my name (and any title i assign to myself in jest) like this:


before that day, it was just:


the last line in one of my favourite poems ("decadence") is "we only know, a world can end".

the isolation and abruptness of the signature was, i felt, the only way i could represent myself from that day forward, as a constant reminder to me that i am brief, and i probably won't see it coming whether i'm looking for it or not. none of my mail clients generate it. i do. consciously. everyday.

i am brief, and i will not forget that every day does count, every compliment shared, every fear faced.

well, then. this sharing moment brought to you by the letter Mium and the chord G-suspended.
Current Mood: symbolic