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28 March 2004 @ 10:46 am
Human Interest  

The BBC is having an Israeli woman and an Egyptian woman publish a dialogue between them about the conflicts in the Middle East.

It is amazing to watch two women, both of whom I'd likely find some common ground (both are fairly liberal women), face each other and communicate and continue to communicate even though it seems clear at times that they are very much representing the anger of both of their countries. It's unbelievably touching.

It's one thing to say they believe in peace, and it's another to try to talk about peace when two sides face each other with "you" accusations, and get past it and keep talking. Both seem to try to be fair, and both seem to have some pretty big blind spots. It's not going to change the world, but if it changes just 2 women, the endeavour will have succeeded in my eyes.

I've recently witnessed someone who's been faced with a lot of nasty false accusations and watching him just take it, not defend himself, not escalate the situation, be neither martyr nor defender, I've learned so much about the dignity of being a truly peaceable human being. That I can live up to that standard someday? I will do my best.