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04 February 2006 @ 11:03 am
Neo Islam  

There's only so much tolerance in the world for intolerant people before the intolerance breeds and gets really out of control.

At this point, if I had a god, I'd pray that Neo Islam happens now, where Neo Islam is all Muslims who remember Muhammad (and I suspect most of them do!):

If anyone has killed one person it is as if he had killed the whole mankind (Quran 5:32)

I try really hard to always defend religious freedom of expression, but when that freedom of expression says no one else is allowed to have an alternative opinion lest they die for it, I'm pretty done. And I'm pretty good about remembering that a minority of jerkoffs shouldn't ruin it for the larger, benign populace. When I lose perspective, it means the perspective of less open-minded people are already deep into the anger and bigotry of prejudice.

I don't want the next decade to be a Holocaust against Muslims. Most Muslim people are good, but neither the media nor the violent factions of Muslims acting out in Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Syria and everywhere else are doing anything but harming the innocent of Islam.
Current Mood: heartbroken