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25 July 2006 @ 10:00 pm
Walking with the Tao  
Walked along upper 5th Avenue tonight to McGraw and back home along Queen Anne Avenue. Along the way...

I found two very tall, appreciably old evergreens in someone's front yard. They looked a lot like baby versions of the north california redwoods. Maybe they even are. I intend to find out.

Two blocks on from that, though I could hear it long before I got there, was the place to be if you are a baby sparrow in Seattle learning how to fly. The evergreen was taller than the house and entirely filled with wobbly student flyers and an unbelievable number of sparrow woops and look-look-looks and ACKs! Every once in awhile an exasperated sparrow parent would escape or a brave early spring toddler sparrow would make a haphazard go at a nearby tree, and then have the audacity upon successfully landing somewhere new and very much not the nest to start a flapping its wings and begging to be fed.

Then, on the final block before I hit McGraw, a cat stopped me and we talked for a bit. Her name was Zoe Lyons. She said prrrt and I said prrrt and she zig-zag lead (*cough*hampered) me to the farthest part of the sidewalk that she could go and flopped down, and insisted on tummy rubs for the escort.

Then on my way back home along Queen Anne I heard an amazing voice as I passed Diablo Coffee. I was reading as I walked and didn't have any plans to stop anywhere, but I slowed and slowed to keep hearing the singing and guitar and finally I went back. I got a mini mango bandito made with honey instead of sugar (oh, the path of the righteous, smirk - no "I didn't have any dessert today" star for me today) and sat out on the front porch and listened to Eva Tree play her guitar and sing, accompanied by a second guitarist. Wow. She could easily be the next Little-Earthquakes-Tori or Living-In-Clip-Ani.

A 30 minute walk each day increases life expectancy. No wonder!
Vulturevulture23 on July 26th, 2006 03:59 pm (UTC)
I saw you yesterday (Tuesday) evening, walking into Trader Joe's just as I was pulling out of the parking lot there. I'd have run over and said hi, but I was already running late and you were going to be inside before I'd be close enough for you to hear me...