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11 February 2008 @ 06:28 am
We are (we are)  
Sometimes people see me for the pieces that are like them.

Sometimes I see people for the pieces that are like me.

It creates a "we" from an "us and them", and maybe there's things we don't talk about because we don't take comfort in the "us and them" of the places where we differ, but I find that it creates the foundations for respect and tolerance.

Sometimes I look across a proverbial sea of people, and lock eyes with someone, and I see a person and they see me, and over time, we never stop seeing the whole picture. A full duplex knowing, if you will. The asking and the telling, it becomes unbiased and unapologetic and unflattering and unugly because it's hyper-real, it's honest, there's trust in that honesty. There is a delight of "me too"s that spans years, and engaging conversations from, "Really! Why?".

I love that latter kind of connection.

And a voice under the layers of thought wonders, Do I see those people for their honesty? For their passion? For their self-awareness? For their curiousity and open-mindedness? Am I still just seeing the pieces that are like me, but they are pieces with such an extraordinary value that it subsumes and the differences are pale and casually irrelevant?
Current Mood: hopefulhmmm
Current Music: "We are" - Vertical Horizon
sculptruth on February 12th, 2008 06:28 pm (UTC)
I love the incompleteness of parts. The pieces that will change, the pieces that haven't yet formed; the pieces that are different but next to the ones which are similar.

The fun is in mapping spacial relationships!