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09 April 2008 @ 05:15 pm
New Wednesday music  
x-posted from MySpace

Free TicketMaster iTunes redemption codes (not that anything from TicketMaster is free - rather they give me redemption codes for giving them an obscene amount of service charge money):
"Glycerine" - Bush
"Machinehead" - Bush
"Evolution" - Korn
"Join the Chant" - Nitzer Ebb guns, guns, FIRE, FIRE

Huge SALE at Underground Jazz music store on 1st & Jackson, Pioneer Square, Seattle ...

Well... I’ll have to get back to you actually. She’s a local Jazz artist, and Ian (Pupcake) has the CD at the moment.

This amazing jazz store, filled with vinyl and some CDs - jazz, trad. jazz & blues - is going out of business for good at the end of April. Go there and BUY! Everything’s on sale.

And one further iTunes impulse purchase:
Back in the High Life - Steve Winwood (oh how I love Steve Winwood)
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Current Music: "Join the Chant" - Nitzer Ebb