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07 August 2008 @ 05:53 pm

Duri, me - Las Vegas NY NY 2002

Duri, me, elise - Argosy Elliott Bay cruise 2002

Duri died Sunday, 3 August 2008, in Thailand, of liver failure.

There are few people I've loved more fiercely.

He self-destructed without us ever reconciling. I thought I'd given up any hope of that, but since I found out, it's clear that I still had some hope.

I mourned Duri for a long time after our catastrophically bad breakup, and I mourned him again when Aaron and Chris told me that he had nothing nice to say about me last year when I'd finally hit a point where I was willing to talk, and boy do I have mixed feelings now.

The photos are yours if you would like them.

Liz, Duri, Lauren - July 17, 2002

Lauren, Duri - July 17, 2002

That was the night Lauren began to be my best friend... that night was filled with so much goodness. Duri stayed up all night touching the gifts from friends, drinking and blubbering about how much he loved everyone.

We had a toast we used to drink small shot glasses of amber Scotch to. It was about ohana, and always being in each other's lives, even if we didn't cut it as a couple. "To chess, in Venice, in 200 years!"
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