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09 September 2008 @ 10:26 pm
Heavy Metal in Baghdad  
Emily (tenshiemi) dropped me a line last minute about a special one-night showing of the documentary Heavy Metal in Baghdad at the Harvard Exit Theatre tonight.

I got my RSVP in just under the deadline and decided to be fancy and wear my shiny new copper-brown shirt I got at Mariposa with Emily last month.

I had a pleasant dinner with an overly-attentive staff of FOUR, all of whom served me or asked me something at least twice, at Rom Thai. One of the guys was super cute tall asian with longish hair and was making eyes at me. I'm willing to bet he's a SCCA guy.

I was way early, so I hung out at Joe Bar. There's an adorable, friendly barista there named Corey who usually works on Sundays who reminded me a lot of Will the Bartender and also did the eye contact thing that, for most people, is an expression of interest beyond the call of friendly baristaness.

It seems men agree: that shirt looks really good on me. It's a flattering cut that emphasizes my waist and de-emphasizes my bust. I wish I didn't notice, though, because now I have to analyze it to death. What's wrong with my much loved baby doll tee collection?

Emily and her date Sam joined me there briefly, and then we headed over to Harvard Exit Theatre.

In the bathroom, I met Crystal who moved to Belltown from L.A. 2 weeks ago, and is interning with Baumgarten architects on 3rd Ave. She would up hanging out with us for the evening and was a totally bizarre mix of friendly, clueless and topically interesting. At her worst moment she was suggesting that homosexuality was the result of confined spaces (as indicated by mouse population control studies, analogy to cities being confined spaces) and that Capitol Hill is very freaky because she saw a guy walking around with his shirt off and stripey pants which she was just sure we'd know about because he was so freaky, and that was the entirety of her description. (We all started nodding and backing away at that moment, but due to my friendliness, I'd already kind of committed us (sorry, Em!) to hanging out with her for the event) She recovered somewhat gracefully later with some interesting talks about some art piece called the Power of 10 and an anthropology book that fascinated her called Demonic Males, and her willingness to read Cosmos by Carl Sagan because she's finding A Brief History of Time to be hard to follow.

In the theatre, I met Bruce who I'd watched pull up on his Suzuki motorcycle and go into the theatre while I was still in the Joe Bar crow's nest reading Longitude. He was sitting directly behind me so I brought him into the conversation, leading with motorcycle talk. He moved to Bellevue from Florida a year ago, and is on break between Microsoft contracts. Cutest dimples ever, metalhead, we had good social chemistry.

What I saw of the movie was awesome. The only problem was, I had to leave! I got totally motion sick. The whole thing is handheld camera. I do recommend this movie, but if you get the opportunity to see it and are sensitive to motion sickness, take 2 Dramamine and wear those acupressure wrist bands, seriously. They're a great metal band and I'm hoping I can find a place to buy their digital music, I wish I could've stayed for Q&A but I couldn't stop the nauseau even with my eyes closed and broke into a cold sweat, which is the second to last thing that happens before I puke. Bah. This is the second time in one week that my body has failed me and I'm pissed about it.

Scion hosted the event - there was free shwag and beer. I'm definitely writing them a big thank you.

yvetteserpentmoon on September 10th, 2008 06:33 am (UTC)
aw shoot! I forgot that was tonight. Do you remember who was there for the Q&A?

I have the DVD if you would like to borrow it.
Kburgunder on September 10th, 2008 06:56 am (UTC)
One of the guys from Vice magazine but I'm not sure who.
Kburgunder on September 10th, 2008 07:37 am (UTC)
p.s. I found out super last minute or I definitely would've called you, sorry about that!