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27 November 2008 @ 03:47 am
Awesome Wednesday  
ms. zhou, the 80-year-old chinese woman in my chinese immigrant candidate group, is made of awesome
she has no idea what i'm saying to her
and i have no idea what she's saying to me
but, as is often the case with elder women, we have instantly bonded
and have immense goodwill towards each other
so it looks like i might pick up some mandarin while she's working on her english
i caught the tunnel bus to the university street exit
walked over to pike place market
enjoyed the bustle and an oops purchase of cinnamon walnut rugula
meandered down 1st ave
bought some used cds at easy street records in lower queen anne
finally have a proper copy of "if i had a $1,000,000" by bnl
and some old c&c music factory i never owned but have always loved
and a new '77 blondie babydoll tee i intend to wear to neighbours tomorrow night
gods help me, there is fuchsia on it
replaced my copy of bellwhether at twice sold tales
while a ginger cat marked me and commanded me around the book store
used to being obeyed that cat
who am i to question feline authority
headed over to seattle center and watched the fountain show to music
i love places that are there just because
and safer because someone has made the commercial efforts that allow them to hire a 24-hour security guard
kids and adults laughing
i love seattle center and most touristy areas that aren't over-crowded
because everyone wants to be there
i love being with people who want to be exactly where they are
headed over to roti and warmed up with some chai and cracked open ellen klages' second novel
texted kris
jordn joined me, as per plans
been way too long since we've hung out
i have immense affection for him
great conversation, the least we've laughed in each other's company, and there was still plenty of laughter and heh-ing
spontaneously attended henry rollins @ the moore
in the 12th row! how's that for last minute luck
rollins, like franti, said everything i need to hear
to keep my chin up
to just be my overly honest offbeat disquieting persevering self
to safeguard our teachers and scientists
my face hurt from laughing
the only reason i didn't cry at the more serious moments was
if i started, it was going to be a flood gate i've been very intentionally not investigating for leaks thankyouverymuch
my mind was filled and inspired
saw leslie briefly and gave her a hug
i was right in recent thoughts - ready to reach out again
having seen her, it is indeed time
hugged jordn goodbye
and walked home via pine
ran into a #8 bus compadre also coming back from the show with his date
ed and casey
i think in fact i'm pretty sure i first recognized ed on the bus because
i think he's a woman i sometimes dance with at neighbours
got home
finally sat down and wrote henry rollins the letter i've been planning to write for 10 years now
now is always a good time
having done that i indulged in a bit of infamous kim social awkwardness
and now
oh my goodness
i must sleep
gee, it's only 4am

i approve of this wednesday whole-heartedly
Current Mood: already asleep
chronivore: suavechronivore on November 27th, 2008 06:32 pm (UTC)
I concur.