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16 March 2009 @ 09:56 am
Tao of the Day  
All we need is the morning.
As long as there is sunrise, then there is the possibility that we can face all our misfortunes, celebrate all our blessings, and live all our endeavours as human beings.

We may think mornings are so common that they are unworthy of veneration, but do you realize most places in the cosmos do not have mornings?

Greet the dawn.
That is your miracle to witness.
That is sacredness.
That is knowledge that life is not futile.
That is your comfort.

- Deng Ming-Dao, 365 Tao

And I mean this:
Good morning.

When I ask the sky's opinion
'Bout what 'e thinks is going on
"Don't go astray,
it's just another day."

- "Big Western Sky", Kik Tracee
Current Music: "Big Western Sky" - Kik Tracee
Kburgunder on March 16th, 2009 05:42 pm (UTC)
Completing a cycle means fulfillment. It means that you have achieved self-knowledge, discipline and a new way of understanding yourself and the world around you. You cannot stop there, of course. New horizons are always there. But you can reach out for those new vistas with fresh assurance and wisdom.

With each turn of the wheel you go further. With each turn of the wheel you free yourself from the mire of ignorance. With each turn of the wheel comes continuation.

Turn the wheel of your life. Make complete revolutions. Celebrate every turning. And persevere with joy.

- Deng Ming-Dao, 365 Tao